jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

New web-based magazine starts with multimedia reporting

For newspaper journalists, integrating print, video, audio and other multimedia forms tends to start with the printed medium as a base. But Flypmedia has a model that begins with an integrated online product.

The site is in beta and will launch officially soon. Editor Juanita Leon is getting her team ready.
She says that to do something multimedia you have to think as a multimedia journalist from the beginning, trying to create a totally immersive environment in the way that videogames do.
Flyp reflects that. The user can choose where to start on any page, and there are many choices among video, audio, text and interactive graphics.
The key, she says, is learning to think in different ways about media, that it's really a conversation and the reader or viewer is in charge. It's not about journalists being the authority and in control of the presentation.

Still, the eternal verities hold for journalists, she says. They have to be good writers and reporters.

Juanita's recommended multimedia sites
Leon, who is from Colombia, has a worldwide perspective on multimedia, so her recommendations of sites to check out reflect that.
One of her favorites is semana.com in Colombia, which regularly produces impressive multimedia packages. Also a German site, magwerk.
Another of her favorites is a site by and for South Koreans called ohmynews international whose reporters are more than 50,000 citizen journalists around the world.
Flypmedia is a sister publication of Indigo Media, which reports mainly on Mexico.

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