jueves, 7 de febrero de 2008

Nano-news Twitter from the Wonkette

Once again I'm gob-smacked by the innovations in news technology. The latest is news from the Economist, which reports that the Wonkette, aka Ana Marie Cox, is covering the U.S. presidential campaign for Time.com using what are known as Twitter feeds, which have a 140-character limit so that they can be transmitted to news junkies via cellphone.
Ana Marie Cox gained fame in Washington as an irreverent blogger commenting on the social and sometimes sleazy side of capital politics and later as a novelist.
The whole point of twitter is to be breezy, cheeky and brief.
Editors will have to learn to accept the fact that for certain types of younger readers, or Blackberry and iPhone junkies, this is a news column or news story. It's a kind of nano-news for the users of nano-technology.
This photo, from the cover of the New York Times Magazine, shows the Times's R.W. Apple and the Baltimore Sun's Jack Germond with the Wonkette.

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